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Uganda is a beautiful and a nature lover’s dentition that’s why it was named “The pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill when he visited in 1908. Uganda is blessed with different types of vegetation with an incredible array of landscapes that range from the snow capped Mountains, the semi-desert areas, Rift Valley landscapes and tropical rain forests making dramatic backdrops to an extensive variety of flora and fauna. Due to this topography, Uganda is one of world’s Bird watching destination with over 1040 Bird’s species, 13 different types of primate species including one of our closest relative – the Chimpanzee. Have a life time experience as you track and come face to face with the most world’s endangered Mountain Gorillas with over 53% of the total population recorded in Uganda. Discover the different Rivers and lakes including the world’s longest river “River Nile “and its source which is “Lake Victoria” the second largest fresh water body.

With over 10 beautiful National parks, 5 Game reserves homing to a variety of wildlife, here you are assured of spectacular Game views, Boat cruises, sightseeing and many more. Uganda has on multiple occasions, been named one of the world’s friendliest people with 56 tribes, but each culture bears a novelty to it; in language, dance, dress, and food. The people of Uganda are known to be very vibrant, sociable, entrepreneurial, very warm and welcoming.

Words are not enough to describe Uganda but you need to see the country for yourself, take time and go through our well designed safari packages!