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Honey Moon

Would you like to surprise your loved one, for a Honeymoon?

When wedding preparations get underway, flowers, dresses, cakes, foodstuffs among other essentials are normally on peoples’ minds. However, there is one crucial thing that the wedding meeting does not plan for; and that is the 'Honeymoon'.

Honeymoon is a necessity, which you and your spouse have to handle seriously. This is when the two of you get to spend some serious time alone, celebrate, be pampered, get to know one another for the first time as husband and wife, and making sure your new lover gets some extra special attention as you plan for your future.

Honeymoon is a great way to take a break and you relieve some of that stress, It is very important, a warm-up before you get into the real marriage life since it’s a relaxed, romantic and emotionally charged moment that is rarely cherished by couples in privacy, and we make it simple, or luxury, in order to suit your budget and interests….

Are you searching for the perfect romantic getaway destination to celebrate your honeymoon? Bulamu Safaris organizes unforgettable all-inclusive honeymoon packages in Uganda, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Dubai and other Romantic destinations. We can prepare for you the ultimate honeymoon featuring romantic accommodations in luxury or simple hotels, Island resorts and forest lodges. From romantic Boat rides, Sunset cruises to Game viewing tours in the parks, there are plenty of bonding activities to kindle your romance during your honeymoon.

As your wedding approaches, you may be asking yourselves, why have a honeymoon and where? Please just check out our different Honeymoon packages….

Safari Packages

From $3,858 ppn
8 Days Chimpanzees, Lions & Gorillas - Luxury

From $1,841 ppn
6 Days Gorillas & Lake Bunyonyi - Mid-range

From $1,380 ppn
6 Days Murchison falls & Jinja - Mid-range

From $2,212 ppn
8 Days Chimps, Wildlife & Gorillas - Mid-range

From $1,955 ppn
8 Days of Chimps, Gorillas & Beach - Mid-range

From $2,378 ppn
7 Days The Big Five & Gorillas - Mid-range