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Uganda is one of the best birding destinations in Africa and this is because of its diversity in habitats from; semi-arid dessert, savannahs vegetation, lowland and mountainous areas, the rainforests, water bodies, vast wetlands etc. all this backs up why Uganda is one of the high rated destinations with over 1,030 recorded bird species almost 11% of the world’s birds population.

We have some of the most preferred bird species inside Uganda which includes; Nahans francolin, Brown chested pullover, KaramojaApalis, African green Broadbill, Purcell’s illadopsis, Shoe bill stork, Black bee eater, Ruwenzori turaco, Green-breasted pitta and Red fronted anti pecker, frican pied hornbill, Jackson’s francolin, Ross’s turacco, Pied Kingfisher, Lilac-breasted roller, Hamerkop, Marabou stork and many more to watch..

Our birding safaris focus on unique and authentic experiences you may hardly get anywhere else which favors all our travelers whether juniors, seniors, private groups and families with much love for birds, all our bird safaris are guided by a team of professionals, and well trained bird guides.

Our travel consultants are available to guide you through customizing your dream birding trip, there is so much variety and we promise you will be excited, impressed, amazed and overwhelmed just book with us your birding safari….

Our Safari Packages

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9 Days Birding Safari - Mid-range

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17 Days Birding Special - Mid-range

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7 Days Birding & Murchison Falls - Mid-range

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7 Days Birding Safari - Mid-range