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Adventure Safaris

Uganda boosts a spectacular and remarkable landscape like, the mighty River Nile with the known strongest rapids and water falls boasting various water sport activities. The mountainous landscape with one of the highest peaks in east African and that is the Rwenzori mountains.

The presence of the jungle rain forests, like Bwindi impenetrable, Mghahinga, Kibale, Budongo and others which boasts Gorilla and Chimpanzee tracking the unique experiences you can only find in Uganda

With the first hand travel experience within East Africa, we can guarantee to offer you the best adventure tours which can be customized to include gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, Mount climbing, water rafting, Kayaking,  wildlife safaris, Uganda Fishing Adventures, Horseback Safaris and so much more

For the person with a spirit for Adventure these Ugandan Adventure Safaris are for you and we are ready to turn your dream holiday into a reality!

Our Safari Packages

From $2,988 ppn
6 Days Gorillas and The Big Five - Luxury

From $560 ppn
3 Days Chimpanzee Tracking - Budget - Budget

From $2,797 ppn
6 Days Chimpanzees & Gorillas - Luxury

From $645 ppn
3 Days Chimpanzee Tracking - Mid-range

From $1,988 ppn
8 Days Chimps, Wildlife & Gorillas - Budget

From $1,610 ppn
6 Days Gorillas & Lions - Budget

From $1,759 ppn
9 Days Primates of Uganda - Budget

From $3,091 ppn
11 Days Primates of Uganda - Mid-range

From $1,219 ppn
4 Days Lake Bunnyonyi & Gorillas - Budget

From $2,544 ppn
10 Days Rwenzori Hike & wildlife - Mid-range

From $995 ppn
3 Days Gorilla Tracking - Budget

From $3,082 ppn
15 Days The Best of Uganda - Budget

From $1,499 ppn
6 Days Chimpanzee & Gorillas - Budget

From $2,437 ppn
11 Days Uganda Highlights - Budget

From $1,759 ppn
5 Days Ngamba Island & Gorillas - Mid-range

From $403 ppn
3 Days Sipi Falls - Budget

From $1,698 ppn
3 Days Gorilla tracking - Luxury

From $578 ppn
3 Days The Sipi Falls Adventure - Mid-range

From $1,657 ppn
6 Days of Chipanzee & Gorillas - Mid-range

From $1,306 ppn
3 Days Gorilla Trcaking - Mid-range

From $1,495 ppn
6 Days Gorillas, Lake Bunyonyi - Budget