Bulamu Safaris

The name “BULAMU” means “LIFE”. It is a word from “Luganda”, a local dialect dominant in central Uganda and sums up what this is all about.

Welcome to Bulamu Safaris Ltd, one of the young and first growing Tour Operators in Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa”. Founded by an American and a Ugandan native based on his passion, love and travel experience over time in the Ugandan Tourism industry. 

Since its establishment in the year 2014, the company has grown into a reputable African safari specialist, specialized in providing quality and authentic travel experience for individuals, private and group tours within Uganda and the neighboring countries in the East African region.

Bulamu Safaris is a registered and licensed safari Company in Ugandan laws. Based on our passion about Nature and conservation, we would like to share the beauty and unique experience of Uganda with different people around the Globe like you! We arrange Tailor made and customized tour packages for individuals, Private and groups ranging from Budget, Mid-range to Luxury safaris favoring all clients’ interests!

Being based in Uganda, enables us to visit all accommodations, Tour activities and service providers to be able select the best options for you. We strive to constantly improve our products and services to guarantee the best customer experience.

Our Team

Meet a team of professionals, reliable, friendly, passionate, and knowledgeable people. We plan and execute tours activities with the utmost care to make sure that our clients get the best African safari experience and get the value of their money.  

Our staff members are dedicated to the work we do, mainly offering hospitality to our clients. They are well trained from good institutes and we always make sure that our staff members check out all the places where we send our guests. Basing on their inborn qualities like; flexibility, passionate and reliability, all our clients are guaranteed with efficiency, professionalism, and wholesome customer care.

Our Services

Our services are professional and personalized. Our safari packages range from 1 day tour activity to any number of days you wish ranging from Budget, Mid-range to Luxury safaris to favor all clients’ interests and budget!

We specialize in arranging different tour activities like; Gorilla tracking, Chimpanzee tracking, Birding safaris, primate tours, White water Rafting, Mountaineering, Hiking, wildlife safaris, City tours, volunteering tours, Mission trips, Boat cruises, Group tours, school trips, cultural tours, airport transfers, and Car hire services. All these are provided by our best Tour Guides/Drivers who are well trained, Knowledgeable and with good communication skills.

We enjoy a good working relationship with all our service providers like different accommodations, travel companies, and all tourist destinations all over East Africa which makes us capable to assist you arranging a memorable safari experience in Uganda.

Used accommodations

On the side of accommodation, we carefully select from a wide range of offers ranging from budget, mid-range and luxury. These include tented camping grounds, guesthouses, lodges, hotels and private villas in urban areas. All these accommodations always differ in service, prices and standards.

Our Tour Guides/Drivers

As also a Domestic Management Company (DMC), we tend to use local Tour guides who are well-trained from vital tourism institutes to ensure that they are well equipped with knowledge of the various Tourism products and destinations. They are all patient, strong, intelligent, knowledgeable and well conversant with different tourist destinations and all the safari logistics.  

Our guides are all knowledgeable with different language skills like; English, Spanish, German, Italian or French, we speak your language. We have a guide to whom you can communicate your every need.

From their hard work and passion about the travel industry has helped us grow to become one of the fast growing young and most trusted tour operator and partner in East Africa and we look forward to serving you.

Our Safari Vehicles

All safari vehicles we use are 4x4WD well raised from the ground making suitable for the African bumpy roads. We use Safari jeeps and Min-Vans and range from 1 to 7 seating capacity. They are all customized, with Pop up a roof which gives a wide angle for game and site viewing. And we always maintain them in perfect mechanical condition to enable our clients have their comfortable African holidays.

Our Sustainable Projects

Bulamu schools, is one of the project initiative located in the small village of Kakerenge, in Bombo District just few kilometers from Kampala (16km). Here you will meet with their Director of the school (Uncle Joseph) who will accompany you and introduce you to these children. It’s strived to support the needy children by providing a home and family semblance to some homeless children who is in need of family (loving human contact and support), shelter and education. If you’d like an authentic Ugandan experience, we strongly recommend that you can feel free and visit the kids within the village. During your visit, show them love, play with them, engine in teaching, and learn how they prepare their local food (Posho and beans), meet the surround local people and experience how they live day-to-day.

Here you are advised to at least to give in any thing you can wish to, so that you support them in their needs like kid’s school fees, food, clothes, books and other requirements. This will be greatly appreciated and you will go with the blessings.

Promoting Our African Talent

Bulamu Safari, as sustainable based company, not only focusing on wildlife, culture, nature and primates, but there is so much more to discover in Uganda with full of talent! By promoting of the “Bulamu Art” as a project, which is a product of talented youths from Bulamu children’s village. We try to develop their talents by giving them chances to exhibit their Art pieces. These can act as your souvenirs when you return back in your home countries. We recommend you to pay a visit at their Art work Shop and have a look at their exhibitions in their Art Gallery if at all you are interested.

Why travel with Bulamu Safaris?

  • We use comfortable 4 x 4WD safari Land Cruisers and mini buses with poop up roofs for panorama photography and game viewing.
  • We provide customized and tailored safaris to suite all clients’ interests and budget.
  • We use well trained, experienced and knowledgeable Guides/drivers.
  • We follow your interests.
  • Reliable, Friendly and Passionate staff
  • Favorable and affordable prices
  • Value for money

Always feel free to talk us.